Calypso Music: The Ballads That Made Vern Roberts a Renowned Vocalist in the West Indies

Calypso KingVERN ROBERTS crowned CALYPSO KING aka THE MIGHTY LARK. In 1973, Vern competed with the best in the calypso music field at the Lionel Roberts Stadium in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and walked away with the highest honor, “The Calypso King.”
Performing under the stage name, “The Mighty Lark”, his reign extended over the entire island population.
Attending the calypso competition were Congresswoman, Shirley Chisholm and husband, Conrad, accompanied by Lt. Governor Ottley of the Virgin Islands. The following news article appeared in the June 29, 1973, issue of TRINIDAD EVENING NEWS announcing an upcoming engagement in Diego Martin.


Island’s Lark for Shows Here

By Peter Harper

ST. THOMAS Calypso King, “The Lark,” will face a Trinidad audience as a calypsonian for the first time when he appears at Lord Superior’s Town and Country Night Club, La Puerta Avenue, Diego Martin, over the weekend. Vern Roberts, a superior singer, left here seven years ago after appearing on the radio as a sentimental singer with Echoes singing group of Diego Martin.   Once in the Virgin Islands, he switched to calypso and this year was adjudged King out of a field of 12 Virgin Island bards. He also held top notch at the St. Thomas Hilton for more than a year and has made several television and radio appearances.